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GRUPO FERH Confecciones Creativas Lencas

Grupo Ferh is a family vision that began operations in 2019 with the Fernandez Herrera Customs Agency Operador Logístico S de RL oriented to EXCELENCIA customer service, offering a fast and friendly service to importers of any size, providing the best service to your import and export needs.

Similarly, in 2019 Fernandez Herrera Export S de RL was also born in order to strengthen our brand CONFECIONES CREATIVAS LENCAS which is oriented to the manufacture of Lencas fabrics and current fashion garments since 2011 in the beautiful city of Esperanza Intibucá . CONFECCIONES CREATIVAS LENCAS is the Ferh group's flagship brand oriented towards the export of its products, thereby being able to develop Lencas communities, seek better sales channels and fairer prices.

We also offer CONSOLIDATION and certification in processes for export to SMEs, supporting the development of nostalgic products 100% originating in Honduras and finding potential clients in international markets through strategic alliances. Accompanying them in development processes, training, support, marketing, export purposes to the United States market and the world for free.

Give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about importing and exporting your products. Customs brokerage and international logistics services.

Vision: To be recognized as a regional leading group in the provision of technical logistics services in import and export of goods.

Mission: As a Ferh group, our commitment is to create added value for our clients and suppliers, fostering the appropriate conditions to represent competitive world-class companies that contribute to the development of the country.